Bean salad

Not-So-Baked Beans #freshersfood!

I’ll begin with a little disclaimer…re-starting University ate me alive, and therefore my blog died a death! I still feel a bit like I’m being repeatedly beaten with the educational whipping stick, but I’m getting into the swing of it. SO sorry to anyone who signed up for FitForFreshers expecting more – I was too! I hope to do it again next year, but better. Anyway…

Bean salad

This is an AMAZING recipe – if I can really call it that – there’s little to no cooking goes into this it’s just ‘these things go together… like doowap doowap…*cue Grease moment*’.

Beans – those of the non-baked variety – are such an amazing food; they help me bulk out any meal super cheaply and you don’t feel even remotely guilty. They’re a vegetable but they will you up too, which is perfect, So I usually have a pack of peas, broad beans and green beans in my freezer at all times (they’re taking up no fridge space and keep forever) so I can always head to a Bean Salad if my fridge is looking a little sad and empty. All of these cost about £2 or less from most supermarket freezer isles and they go a really long way. I cook all of these in a steamer, which by the way is one of my favourite kitchen utensils ever (erm… sad much?), but if you don’t have one of those just boil them.

Bean salad

om nom nom


Then you can add ingredients as you please. If you can’t cope without meat then why not chuck in some ham/bacon or fish fingers as a super cheap alternative!). Other than that I tend to add cheese because…cheese. Then I keep the rest of the salad raw; you can add leaves of your choice, spinach (cheap in Lidl & sometimes Sainsburys) or rocket or bog standard lettuce, and then usually some tomato and cucumber (olives could work for a Greek style combo), spare peppers…you get the gist. I usually dress it too, this is mum’s homemade blackberry vinegar (thanks mummy!) but you could go for olive oil and lemon juice, or a low fat dressing of your choice. Or, you know, ketchup & mayonnaise, it’s your choice… you’re a student after all!

Bean salad

Tomatoes and Feta are two of my favourite tastes

Ingredients (in mine):

Broad beans
Green beans
Feta cheese

Other Ideas:
Ham/bacon/fish fingers
Glass of wine/bottle of beer…

Bean salad

for extra mmm add spinach


British Schnitzel Outing

Saw Schnitzel, ate schnitzel… didn’t die!

I know…I can hear a few people I know counting and calculating the calories as they look at that. I get it- that is not a ‘healthy’ meal, per say. It’s no dieter’s meal for sure. But oh my goodness was it delicious.

Schnitzel Griechische Art beim Drei Linden

I love steak. Yep. I love Schnitzel too – that’s what that monstrous beast is if you’re wondering, it’s not, in fact, a whole animal or an extra-terrestrial being. I also, in case you hadn’t guessed, love my body- I love exercise and eating healthily and looking after my body to the best of my ability. But eating that monster there and keeping my body fit and healthy are not mutually exclusive; therein lies the problem with a lot of diets, and attitudes in general, these days.

It’s not like I go out and eat Schnitzel from that restaurant every night and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. I do, however, know that a little bit of most things is okay now and again- if your favourite food is bacon that’s not a crime. If you really love cheese (hi, yes, I do too!), don’t stop eating it to keep to a soulless diet. Food makes us happy, and the love of food is a really healthy powerful thing. Food is fuel, fuel equals miles. I believe it’s much healthier to eat a variety of exciting food than to limit yourself to one type of food or cut off multiple food groups because of their bad factors. We all have our light and dark side right? Well then, don’t hate on all fats just because some of them are bad for you!

British Schnitzel Outing

Now straight up and honest the only healthy thing on my Schnitzel was the feta cheese; however I don’t think that treating yourself to something wonderfully indulgent once in a while is ever a disaster, definitely not something worth punishing yourself over or thinking you’ve failed your diet. For me, planning evenings where I eat meals like this is essential, it helps you not go crazy and order burger and chips at midnight or suddenly stuff an entire bag of candy floss down your face because you’re stressed. You could call it damage control, I call it damn good. Either way- don’t be scared of the steak, slim healthy humans consume that stuff too.

Schnitzel Griechische Art beim Drei Linden

Heute gegessen – Der Schnitzel Koenigin!

Zum zweiten Mal habe ich etwas super erfahrt- genauer gesagt, gegessen!

Schnitzel Griechische Art beim Drei Linden

Ich war nochmal in vielleicht mein Lieblings Restaurant in Deutschland- zu mindestens in der Gegend. Es heißt Drei Linden (warum sind so viele Straßen und Restaurants etwas über ‚Linden‘ genannt?) und liegt in Alt Erlangen- ein wirklich kleine Dörfchen. Komm bitte keine Vegetarische herein!

Doch, ihr darf, aber die Hauptspeise, und Hauptthema, hier geht um Schnitzel. Und ich meine, jeder Art davon. Man kann entweder ein halbes (klein) oder ein volles (groß) bestellen aber achtung…ein ‚halb‘ Schnitzel ist eher ein, und zwar ziemlich großes, Schnitzel. Ein voll Schnitzel ist dann zwei- ja- zwei Schnitzel, von denen eins besetzt halb deines Tellers und der Zweite liegt darüber und ist fast so groß. Es ist wirklich preiswert hier- zwischen €7 und €11 (ich schätze, kann mich nicht mehr so genau daran erinnern), und der größerer kostet in den meisten Fällen nur zwei Euro mehr als der kleinere.

Dazu kommen auch leckere Pommes, Biere gibt es natürlich übrig zu kaufen. Was man als nächstes wählen sollte…Die Toppings. Alles ist möglich; einfaches Wiener Art, Hawaii-Art (Ananas und Schinken), Griechischer Art (Schafs Käse und Zwiebeln), Jäger Schnitzel. Wenn man Lust auf eine Herausforderung hat, krieg dann die ‚Chilli Con Carne‘ Schnitzel- noch mehr Fleisch darüber und mit Käse gebacken.

Falls du die ganzen Ding nicht fertig essen kann- was ich gut verstehen könnte, ich meine, es ist echt eine Herausforderung- darf man natürlich den Rest nach Hause nehmen. In England kommt diese Möglichkeit nicht so oft, ich finde das toll!

Bewertet 10/10!