Just Jess

I am a black and white kind of girl. I am usually very much one side, or the other.

I am a shameless tea addict. And a book addict.

I have little to no sense of style. But I know what I like.

I seem to think I like life simple. But reality seems to disagree.

I have an unhealthy obsession with stationary and socks.

I am a traveller. But there are a few places I’m irrevocably attached to.

I love being outdoors and cheese. I hate days where I don’t step outside for more than ten minutes.

I’m really passionate about exercise and fitness. But I really like steak and bacon sandwiches.

I love trainers and walking boots. I love to look at high heels…my feet hate them.

I love sunrise and sun set.

I like Top Gear and Dr Who and Sherlock.

I am a dog AND a cat kind of person.

I am a city AND a country kind of person.

I love recycling and I hate wasting.

I believe in people. I believe in the power of story telling.

I was born on Shakespeare’s birthday- and death day.

I like to call myself a writer, we’ll see…

Traveller ~ http://www.whyiwander.wordpress.com

Reader ~ http://www.ontheteatable.wordpress.com

Email ~ jessicaebenson@gmail.com

Twitter ~ @JessieFrisbee93


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