Can you not gain weight at an All Inclusive?








I’m joking of course! It’s actually very dependent on will power I must say, which is probably obvious, any buffet eating usually has me so excited by choice that I feel the need to have five plates (come on, it’s all you can eat) and everything possible on each one. Me and Chinese buffets are a very terrible idea. But this time I had a whole week, so that ‘oh my gosh I’ve got to eat everything right now’ feeling was quelled slightly by knowing there was going to be this much food every day.

Aside: I don’t know why I get so excited when there’s so much food, I’ve never been starving or anything, I just like food a lot.

So how did I cope with the All Inclusive and not put on weight?

  1. Don’t eat every meal! Seriously this place offered three main meals plus unlimited burgers, chips and snacks all day and unlimited alcohol after a certain time of day. I don’t even know if I could eat so many meals but thankfully we left the hotel every day so I was never around for lunch. It’s good to remember that just because it’s all paid for it’s not all obligatory.
  2. Go for the salad first. If you’re like me you’re eating more than one plate of food, Fo Sho! So, when you head up for your first plate, head to the salad bar first so you can grab plenty of healthy veggies and cous cous etc to fill you up before you head back to the more dangerous realms of fried food and big kebabs.
  3. Consider going veggie. Temporary veggie I call it, it limits what I can shovel down my throat basically. I still eat a lot I just eat a lot of vegetables, and that ultimately can’t be a bad thing. Sure the veg can be fried, roast, covered in cheese or whatever but it’s definitely going to be leaner than if you were eating a burger too.
  4. Avoid the stuff you can get in Mcdonalds. If they are offering chicken burgers, nuggets and things to help keep everybody happy then try and avoid them in favour of healthier more local options – provided you like said options of course. It’s a great way to avoid those nasty, deep fried things, especially when they’re breaded too. You can opt for a grilled fish or something as an alternative and you have a much healthier meal.
  5. Maybe don’t have 8 beers… yea, I know drinks are all inclusive (woop woop!) but beer contains a lot of hidden, or not so hidden, calories. Opt for a juice sometimes or a chilled white wine, gin and tonic – anything less calorific really.
  6. Head out for one meal. If you feel like you have the money (I know not everyone even takes cash with them on all inclusive holidays) maybe head out to avoid the hotel lunch and have a lighter snack option. I personally don’t need three full meals in a day (I could have them, believe me) so I chose to have an afternoon snack out. You’re paying, so you’ll consider more carefully what you ‘need’ and there will be a range of restaurants to choose from, so you can head straight for somewhere healthier. Or a kebab shop… your call 😉

My favourite things to eat at the hotel were: melon and watermelon, salad and especially olives, some chilli rice thing they made, grilled fish with lemon juice, grilled aubergines, a spinach salad.

Can you go to an All Inclusive and not end up regretting it? I was pleasantly surprised; after the first night at least, I managed to exercise some self-restraint. Want to read more about Turkey or my paragliding experience there?


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