Work It! In a pencil skirt…

Sadly it’s true, some of us have no time in the middle of the day to work out, quite a lot of us I would imagine. And sometimes working means you don’t have a long enough lunch break to change into work out clothes and shower and often you aren’ t exactly wearing the best clothes for a jog while you’re in the office. So I made a Pencil Skirt Work out.

These are definitely full proof; I too have done them in a pencil skirt, so there’s no reason to slack. These are easy to do in an office, in an empty meeting room, before you leave in the morning or when you get back in the evening. All you need is a chair- please not a wheely one, I don’t think that’s safe- a water bottle and a resistance band. Give them a go with me…

Move 1: Tricep dips

Tricep dip position 1

Sculpted arms are sexy. So you start in a sitting position, thighs parallel to the ground, but without a chair under you (yep, there’s always a catch). You support your weight on your arms, resting on the set of the chair with your hands face forward, the same way as your knees.
Tricep dip position 2

Then lower yourself slowly using your arm muscles, so that your bum dips towards the floor and your knees stay in line with your ankles. Once down, push yourself all the way back up, keeping your core tight and BAM- Tricep Dip 1 done.

Tricep dip 1 leg

Advance it… This time lift one of your legs at a time, keep it at about 90 degrees. Try and keep your knees together but hey, I said you could do them in a pencil skirt, not be dignified and do them. Now repeat the dipping your bum to the floor, keeping control of your core still and this time hopefully feeling that burn in your legs and bum too.

Tricep dip 1 leg

Move 2: Plank and Press Up

Plank on chair

Yea it’s a little obvious- and again, please no wheely chair- but you can create a raised plank position with no undies on display at all by using the chair to support your arms. Still keep a neutral spine. You can hold this, or advance it to a press up to work the arms too.

Move 3: V-twist

V sit

To keep this move simple you can just arrange yourself sideways on the chair and do a V-sit (rest your hands on the seat either side of your bum to steady yourself at first if you need)

V sit twist left

Next stretch one arm forward, while keeping your feet static, and reach for the left ankle with the left hand.

V sit twist right

Twist and switch. Reach for the right ankle with right hand, You can do this on the chair like so, or simply on your matt in the gym too. It’s great for fine toning.

Move 4: Bottle Press

For this you need a bottle- I have a whopping great two litre one. You can fill it with water- which is probably likely to be handy if you’re at work and something you already have hopefully! Otherwise you could keep one full of sand or flour, something weighty, in your drawer as an at-desk-weight-set. I currently have mine full of pretty glittery, blue sand.
Weight Bottle

Start with the bottle between your calves, legs extended in front of you- holding this steady can be a workout in itself.

Leg press move 1

Then curl your legs under the chair slowly and up slightly. Now press them back up again till they are straight. Just like the leg press at the gym, only right here, at your desk.
Leg press move 2
Move 5: Sneaky Band Curls

So you can leave this one out if you don’t have a resistance band, but I can recommend them, they’re so fun!
Resistance Band

Loop the band under your knees or thighs and hold either in in a fist, leaving a little spare either side of your hands if it’s long enough. Simply curl your biceps, so pull your wrists towards your shoulders, and you have it! Bicep curl…repeat until you feel it 😉

Band position 1

Band position 2

I hope you liked this little work out for those of us struggling to make time in the day! If you enjoyed it or think you might tried it, or it inspired you to make your own, please leave me a comment or sent a message! If you like…take a look around my blog.

P.s. you can do these even if you’re not wearing a pencil skirt!


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