Cosy Little Corner

This is the cosy corner (I like corners) where I do all the nice things in my life, that involve little stress and lots of enjoyment!

Watching right now …

Heidi Klum GNTM 2014

It’s trash TV but I love this show. It’s really fun, relaxing and requires no brain power to watch. I love watching things to do with fashion even though I have no fashion sense to speak of. It’s a fascinating peek into another world. My only annoyance at the moment is how long it takes to watch- German TV has an inordinate amount of adverts.

Just Watched …

Vincent Will Meer Movie Poster

I’ve just watched Vincent Will Meer auf Deutsch. It’s an incredibly moving, interesting film and I was really touched by it. Weirdly I also think the main actor is beautiful, even with his touretts (I’m assuming it’s acted). And in English I’ve just watched Lone Survivor- wow. Now I am a girl who likes Black Hawk Down etc. But this was brutal, so brutal. It was in no way a fun watch, I came away feeling almost scarred, but very good acting – I shall just never be putting myself through that again.

Reading right now …

Auf Deutsch: I think this is translated from an English book originally but the cover has been calling to me for months and I finally bought it while waiting for the plane. And it turned out to be a book based in Manchester- now I know why it was calling to me. In English: This is my third book by Åsne Seierstad and I’m really enjoying it. I also have a friend with Kosovan heritage, so finding out about the countries’ history is really interesting.

Craving right now …

Pho (image from Wikepedia)

Vietnamese! So much that I’m going to head out for one this week. To be honest there aren’t many days that I don’t crave Pho but it has been on my mind a lot recently and I haven’t had any since New Year. There are very few foods which are tastier!

Loving right now …

Marzipan Eier

I am a sucker for marzipan- and thankfully so are the Germans. I adore the Easter sweets on offer right now and these marzipan eggs are so good. Possibly one of the best things about marzipan is that it’s so sweet you don’t feel like you could eat it all day, one is enough (most of the time!). Apparently when I was little I used to sit on the work surface and rip chunks of marzipan off to eat while mum was trying to make cakes.


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