Thirsty Tip #1

My best tip for drinking more water is to not let it get boring. It’s sometimes really hard to try and drink the right amount of water when lots of people say it’s the most boring drink, I mean it is flavourless, and they really crave more exciting tastes.

I’m lucky my favourite drink is water. But if you’re bored adding a little lemon or lime juice can really switch up the taste and get you chugging from the bottle again (add it to water guys, not vodka!). Lemons and limes, or little squeezy bottles of lemon and lime juice, are really inexpensive and they add instant flavour to your drink while only adding natural goodness. This saves you buying a flavoured drink that might have extra additives or hidden sugar in it (reading labels often leaves me confused about what’s natural and what’s not).

I sometimes find this more refreshing after or during a run than just plain water, it seems to give me a more of a hydration boost.


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