Regain Recover ~ Tip #1

The best thing an ex ever taught me (give or take) was this great way to help recover your muscles and minimize pain after a workout. Mind you, you should warm down first.

After running, especially after sprinting, I find my thighs and calves will still ache even after I’ve stretched, a few hours later or the next day. This tip works especially well for my thighs. When you hop into the shower (relatively soon after exercising) take a few seconds to relax your muscles. To do this raise your leg to a right angle- I just do this to engage the muscle a little and get it nearer to the shower spray- and then start the shower spray off on a medium heat. Switch the temperature between warm (not boiling) and cold (not freezing), spend a few seconds on one temperature then switch, then a few seconds on the other then switch back. Try and end the spray on the cooler side of warm (but still not freezing ;)) to fully ‘cool down’ your muscles. I do this on both legs and, for me at least, it is preferable to a full on cold shower to cool down, because it gently brings your muscles to a lower temperature while intermediately warming them to keep them loose and stop them cramping or cooling too quickly.

It’s like a mini-massage, I like it! Although I apologise if you’re using a student shower that only really has ‘on and off’ rather than any kind of temperature or power…I feel your pain!


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