A Runner’s Resolutions

There are lots of things I always want to improve about my running and fitness, January feels like a good place to start- mostly because if I don’t come up with some form of ‘resolution’ I always feel like a let down in every January conversation I become embroiled in.

So this year I plan to improve my 10km time, at the moment it stands between 50 and 60 minutes, which is still an improvement on last year but I’d like to have it resting between 40 and 45minutes. Leading on from that I am also promising myself to enter at least one competition, only for fun, but I am really craving the sight of a finish line and it’ll definitely help motivate me. The next thing would be, post race, I need to take care of my feet. Seriously! I rely on my feet to walk me literally everywhere I need to go, I ask them to wear, sometimes ridiculous heels, and sprint and run long distance; the least I can do in return will be to take a little better care of them, I mean the toenails, the hard skin, the sore bits, the bruised bits, the blisters and of course that pesky tendon which would really like me to listen to it every now and again. On the note of recovery I am promising myself right now that I will do some sort of stretching every day (as far as possible) even if I haven’t done any major exercise, because I owe my muscles a little more consideration and conditioning. And a nice bonus would be to improve my truly shocking flexibility.

Onwards and newwards, I am also determined to try at least 2 new sports or forms of exercise, even if only once. I have in mind some form of dance and maybe a water sport (money providing) or if not maybe something down the Yoga/Pilates kind of route (that being said, that can also be expensive), we shall see what 2014 brings…The final one which everyone says with regards to some part of their life, or all of their life, every January and never commits to- get a routine and make myself stick to it, weather regardless and mood regardless.

It’s the 2nd of January 2014…Game On!


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